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By Megan McNeill Libby

At the Amtrak crossing in historic Depot Town Ypsilanti, Michigan, it seems that the world has been put on pause for 60 years. Depot Town is home to a number of old-fashioned pubs, retail shops, salons, historic car museums, and ice cream parlors, as well as two nearby parks. Its laid-back atmosphere is reminiscent of small town mercantilism characteristic of the 1940's.

Walk through the doors of The Sidetrack Bar and Grill, and everything comes back to life. Named after its unique setting, this pub has long been a favorite hangout for locals; though it's cozy atmosphere and incredible burgers frequently draws patrons from hours away. Regular customers and area businesses receive weekly menu updates from Linda French, the inventive entrepreneur whose zany charisma has made the Sidetrack a local legacy.

On the exterior of the building, a gilded quote (supposedly from Ben Franklin) reads "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." The bar's interior is a creative mix of the antiquated cowboy western, Colorado ski town, and California gold rush era styles. Linda French and her pub are far from the norm.


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